Our Team



Soala Brogan-Anabraba

Consistently battling her love for technology & it's endless possibilities vs the lack of ethnic representation among her peers. She combines her passion for people, cultures and storytelling to create impactful events. Her unwavering desire for change led to her speaking at the UN General Assembly '12.

Soala champions change and youth empowerment, believing strongly that youth leadership and mentoring of diverse groups will heavily influence, and assist with the diversity shift within creative industries.


Jai Clarke-Binns

Coming from a curatorial background and quickly realising that a career within the arts was not a viable option for a working class young man from south London, Jai changed track. Taking the plunge and switching to a career in HR. It was not an obvious move but one which suited his passion for preserving the rights of people. Jai has worked within HR for 5 years and calls himself a un-HR professional.