Zainab Abelque


We caught up with our youngest creative yet, Zainab Abelque to hear what she's currently working on and a few tips she wishes she had known!

Recently finishing school Zainab has secured herself an internship next summer at Ogilvy, having spent time between studying earlier this year on a placement at R/GA London. 

Are you currently working on a personal project?

Yep! I'm currently building my portfolio, being able to finally have access to the materials needed and bringing the ideas that have been floating in my head for so long to life. It’s very important to me to have solid work I’ve made, in order to shed light on my abilities and give a reason for people to take me seriously.

I’ve also been working on an exhibition in regards to the Rohingya genocide, the lack of awareness in regards to this crisis concerns me. As I’m on a quest to wake the youth up, by being part of a larger event and producing content.  

Have you always wanted to work in the creative industry? If yes, can you tell us why? If not, how did you land your current position?

I’ve always been attracted to the creative industry, even though it may seem intimidating sometimes it’s an amalgamation of everything I want to be part of. The idea of constantly making something new appeals to me greatly, as it’s a progressive industry infusing different cultures together and working with different people.

What has been your biggest achievement to date and why?

I would say my biggest achievement to date is how I’ve evolved as a person other the past 2 years. Even though there isn’t a specific thing. I’m proud of the person I am, the obstacles I’ve over come and the skin I’m comfortable in. My biggest achievement has been my constant drive and growth.

What would you describe as you biggest obstacle so far?

Balancing my education and future career which ironically, are not the same thing.

Taking a lighter note what and who inspires your creative process?

Self satisfaction, giving birth to my lingering ideas and thoughts. Plus haters; the mandem who deem you as an outlier push me to keep believing in my ideas and aspirations.

What three tips would you give your younger self?

You’re never too young, keep asking don’t feel like a pest, and go with your guts don’t put your passions aside just because it’s out of the ordinary.

What words of wisdom do you have for other creatives?

Just slay girl, you don’t need a reasons why. If you’re asking a question you already know the answer. SLAY SLAY SLAY.

If you had the opportunity to get a message across to a large group of people, what would you message be?

To not neglect the youth, shatter the stereotypes of millennials and fuel their dreams. We live in a false reality where we believe we can only reach success by following fabricated rules. There are so many people out there who just want to reach their goals, regardless of their age and experience we can all come together and support it.

It’s not the hunger games, we can all win without keeping others below us. Race, age, gender, religion and sexuality should create transparency throughout the human race, not negativity.

What legacy would you like to leave behind?

I would like to be remember for my love for people of all cultures, my desire to help others and give voices to the people that have been silenced, from the people of Rohingya to the victims of Palestine. My ability to sprinkle knowledge throughout my work.


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