People of Creativity was born through frustration. The cultural melting pot London is known for was seemingly left at the door of some of the biggest agencies in Shoreditch.

Our focus was to provide a space to connect and learn from one another - ourselves included. We hosted regular events taking over some of the most influential agencies, from ustwo London to R/GA and even hosting Google’s Black History Month.

We built a community.

We listened to them.

We understood that although ‘diversity and inclusion’ made its way to the number 1 buzzword spot, the correlation between money spent on panel discussions and retention rates for underrepresented groups was significantly disproportionate.

We took a step back to identify areas of impact and where we can add value to continue to effectively bridge the gap between minority groups and thriving tech and creative hubs.

People of Creativity continues to host engaging events.

People of Creativity now offers business support and workshops focused on developing and implementing actionable diversity initiatives with our current focus on hiring for inclusion.

People of Creativity is launching Local Labs in 2020.




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